BCIT Students Contribute to Trusterra Research

Feb 22, 2011:  BCIT Students Contribute to Trusterra Research–

At Trusterra we have always believed in developing and nurturing close ties with the academic and end-user communities.  In particular to the academic world , over the past two years we have initiated and carried out several successful joint projects with various University, College and student teams in British Columbia including participation from University of British Columbia (UBC), British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and more recently Simon Fraser University (SFU).

Specific to BCIT, in late 2010,  six students from the Marketing Research course led by Marketing Management instructor Karen Plesner, conducted targeted market research for Trusterra as part of a joint project (see BCIT article here).  The objective of the project was to evaluate Trusterra’s marketing strategy of introducing Scoop™ to engineering students in post-secondary institutions.  The student researchers interviewed associate deans and program heads teaching engineering students at BCIT, as well as the engineering students themselves.

The project has resulted in a quality body of research, strategy and recommendations which we plan to utilize in our upcoming approach to the academic community.  “We believe Scoop can play a very complimentary role in helping students and instructors manage issues and tasks related to various research and course projects.  With its focus on mobile collaboration, extensive use of multimedia to facilitate communication, issue tracking capabilities and rapid team formation, Scoop is able to play a critical role in not only improving communication but perhaps as importantly in developing a digitally savvy workforce for the future–one of the primary pillars of Canada’s digital economy strategy ”  said Babak Sardary, President & CEO of Trusterra.