Trusterra Selected as Entrepreneurship Winner

BCIC and Wavefront, the Canadian wireless commercialization centre, launched their second annual entrepreneurship@Wavefront Program last month.   Trusterra was one of close to 50 companies that participated in this competition by submitting a formal application and pitching to a high-calibre panel of experts from the worlds of business, marketing, investment and government.  Trusterra was selected as one of a handful of winners this week.  Here is a link to the Vancouver Sun and TechVibes articles.

Trusterra Teams Up With Simon Fraser University

July 21, 2011:  Trusterra and SFU Team Up under NSERC Engage to Help Distributed Teams Collaborate Effectively

Continuing on the path of creating and commercializing compelling technology-based products and services, earlier this year Trusterra reached out to leading researchers at Simon Fraser University (SFU) for collaborative R&D. “Having closely engaged the end-user community in the context of our Scoop™ mobile collaboration product, we have been well positioned to gain valuable insights into real challenges facing field professionals and distributed teams.  The number of professionals carrying powerful smartphones such as late generation Blackberries, iPhones and Android handsets as well as many tablets has been steadily increasing.  However the key to usefulness of these devices remains to be quality enterprise collaboration apps. Although traditional approaches to solving distributed collaboration challenges have been offered in the past, we believe a targeted approach based on new technologies is called for.   Developing such a solution of course requires rigorous academic research” commented Babak H. Sardary, CEO & Founder of Trusterra.

The project which involves participation from two senior graduate students in the context of research funding from Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s (NSERC) Engage Grants Program, aims to take advantage of the latest advances in speech and image processing research to make it easier for field professionals to search for and find content and communication they generate in the course of their interactions. The research direction and strategy is overseen by Drs. Greg Mori and Mark Drew of SFU’s School of Computing Science with industrial input provided by Trusterra. “We are excited about the close industry partnership with Trusterra and the prospect of solving every-day challenges faced by countless knowledge professionals every day” added Dr. Greg Mori

The company views this type of engagement not only critical to its competitive advantage but also an important factor in enriching and cultivating the pool of skilled talent in the immediate community and ultimately Canada. “Trusterra has defined a challenging set of problems requiring academic research but which are firmly rooted in commercial applications. This is exactly the type of engagement that we need more of in Canada if we are to grow our economic relevance on the world stage” added Dr. Mark Drew.

Just in the span of the last 6 months, the NSERC Engage Grants Program has played an instrumental role in the formation of three new relationships between Trusterra and leading professors and their research teams within the local academic community. “The Engage Grants Program along with its streamlined application process has provided a compelling framework for us to reach out and build new relationships rooted in genuine and present industrial challenges” added Babak H. Sardary.
“Engage Grants and other NSERC opportunities can significantly extend a small business’ research resources,” says Janet Walden, NSERC’s Vice President of Research Partnerships. “The goal is to realize more value for business from the federal government’s investment in our university and college R&D capabilities by building stronger linkages between these sectors. Partnerships like those between Trusterra and Simon Fraser University benefit both the business and the post-secondary sectors—it’s a win-win.”

The combined Trusterra / SFU team look forward to seeing results of this project in the near future and providing updates on related success stories from the Scoop™ user community.

About Trusterra Technologies Inc.
Trusterra was created in 2009 by veterans of software and intelligent systems communities with the goal of bringing to market pioneering technology solutions and products based on the expanding web and mobile platforms. Trusterra’s continued involvement in consulting and e-Business solution development has a grounding effect allowing the company to stay involved in a diverse range of markets. We view fundamental research as a strategic element of developing compelling products and services and nurture mutually enriching partnerships with academic and industrial groups to achieve this goal.  Responding to the mobile revolution and demand for compelling mobile content and applications, Trusterra has amassed extensive expertise and experience on all leading mobile platforms including RIM Blackberry, Apple iPhone and Google Android. As evidence of this, in 2010 Trusterra released an innovative application aimed at facilitating natural, efficient communication for distributed teams. Scoop™ has met with unprecedented success since its debut and continues to grow in its avid following by business professionals and savvy consumers.

About Simon Fraser University
Ranked by respected national surveys as one of Canada’s top three comprehensive universities for almost 20 years. Spanning many disciplines in eight faculties, SFU offers more than 100 undergraduate major and joint major programs and more than 45 graduate offerings. Mentored by faculty acclaimed for their research and teaching abilities and coached by dedicated advisors and employers in our work integrated learning program, our more than 100,000 graduates enjoy limitless career opportunities.

About Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
NSERC is a federal agency that helps make Canada a country of discoverers and innovators for all Canadians. The agency supports some 30,000 post-secondary students and postdoctoral fellows in their advanced studies. NSERC promotes discovery by funding more than 12,000 professors every year and fosters innovation by encouraging more than 1,500 Canadian companies to participate and invest in post-secondary research projects.

Press Inquiries
All press inquiries, please contact or call 604-484-5654 ext. 1

BCIT Students Contribute to Trusterra Research

Feb 22, 2011:  BCIT Students Contribute to Trusterra Research–

At Trusterra we have always believed in developing and nurturing close ties with the academic and end-user communities.  In particular to the academic world , over the past two years we have initiated and carried out several successful joint projects with various University, College and student teams in British Columbia including participation from University of British Columbia (UBC), British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and more recently Simon Fraser University (SFU).

Specific to BCIT, in late 2010,  six students from the Marketing Research course led by Marketing Management instructor Karen Plesner, conducted targeted market research for Trusterra as part of a joint project (see BCIT article here).  The objective of the project was to evaluate Trusterra’s marketing strategy of introducing Scoop™ to engineering students in post-secondary institutions.  The student researchers interviewed associate deans and program heads teaching engineering students at BCIT, as well as the engineering students themselves.

The project has resulted in a quality body of research, strategy and recommendations which we plan to utilize in our upcoming approach to the academic community.  “We believe Scoop can play a very complimentary role in helping students and instructors manage issues and tasks related to various research and course projects.  With its focus on mobile collaboration, extensive use of multimedia to facilitate communication, issue tracking capabilities and rapid team formation, Scoop is able to play a critical role in not only improving communication but perhaps as importantly in developing a digitally savvy workforce for the future–one of the primary pillars of Canada’s digital economy strategy ”  said Babak Sardary, President & CEO of Trusterra.

Trusterra’s Scoop Impacts Virtually All Aspects of Digital Economy

Jan 31 , 2011: Trusterra’s Scoop TM Impacts Virtually All Aspects of Digital Economy

Today more than ever in history, every economic activity, large or small involves the creation, transfer and manipulation of information: in other words communication.  The speed at which this can be accomplished is an effective determinant of how productive the individuals and businesses within the given economy can be.  Having been involved in a wide range of industries and sectors including manufacturing, government and business IT, the Trusterra founding team is intimately familiar with how quality of communication can make or break the performance of teams and companies.  When we set out to design and develop Scoop we knew that to significantly increase productivity you often didn’t need a complicated suite of tools with a glut of features.  As a matter of fact  we knew from experience that complex, gimmicky tools often backfired as people spent more time trying to work the countless ‘features’ than to tend to the core issues at hand.  Simply stated, the largest contributor to productivity was “Good and Fast Communication”.   This is what our mission with Scoop has been all along    Last December, Precarn Inc., a prominent intelligent systems and ICT network organization based in Ottawa, Ontario interviewed Trusterra CEO, Babak Sardary on the genesis of Scoop.  Here’s a video of this interview and Minister Tony Clement’s (Canada’s industry Minister) visit to the Trusterra booth.

To view the video click here

Minister Clement Receives Scoop Demonstration

Dec 9, 2010, Ottawa, Ontario – Honorable Industry Minister Tony Clement Receives a Personal Demonstration of the ScoopTM technology at Trusterra’s Booth at the Precarn ICT Innovation Event

Building on the recent update about Canada’s Digital Economy Strategy, the Honorable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry participated in Precarn’s 2010 T-GAP Event in Ottawa, Ontario on Thursday, December 9, 2010 and experienced ICT innovations emerging today that will help shape our economy tomorrow.   Trusterra’s Scoop technology was recognized as one of Canada’s top ICT innovations and selected as a demonstration to honorable industry minister Tony Clement.

During a visit to the company’s booth, the Minister engaged Babak Sardary (Trusterra CEO)  who provided a hands-on demonstration of the Scoop product on various platforms including Blackberry, iPhone and web.  Mr. Sardary described various applications and usage scenarios of Scoop in streamlining and speeding communication and  emphasized the important role played by communication in boosting productivity in all sectors and industries.

“We are honored to have been selected as one of only a handful of Canadian innovations and heartened by the level of personal attention shown by Minister Clement in supporting Canadian SMEs and innovations.  Precarn has played a key role in helping us and others bring these innovations to market and we hope this is recognized and further ampliefied by the government.  We look forward to propagating our technology into both the public and private sector and witnessing the continuation of the significant productivity gains we have seen with our users to date” added Babak Sardary

Later in the event Mr. Sardary was asked to be part of a select panel of entrepreneurs who provided the conference attendees with a background on specific motivations and challenges leading to the development of their specific innovations.

ICT Innovation Event in Ottawa

Trusterra has been invited to attend and exhibit at Precarn’s ICT innovation, acceleration and wealth creation event to be held in Ottawa, Canada on December 9th, 2010.  This is shaping up to be an exciting event bringing together leaders from the IT, industry, business and government together with one goal: showcase innovations and success stories in the information and communication technology (ICT) space and determine how we can stimulate more of this in the years to come.  We plan to present the latest in Scoop communication technology as well as take part in various panel discussions.  Register for the event and drop by our booth to chat!

Trusterra Releases New Version of Scoop

After several intense months of development and testing we are proud to announce the availability of the newest version of both Scoop web and mobile apps. With its emphasis on Mobile, Visual and Simple communication this version of Scoop offers a slew of exciting new possibilities – the likes of which we used to dream of when running our technical teams.  It allows individuals and teams to unify multiple channels of communication, boost productivity and streamline team collaboration to simply get things done.  Below are some highlights of these features. But, don’t take our word for it, sign up for Scoop (free or paid accounts available) and explore for yourself.

Highlight of Features

  • Create Scoop Tickets from Anywhere using a browser or Scoop Mobile App for Blackberry, iPhone and Android
  • Quickly Add Multimedia captured at the source and in context to describe the topic at hand
  • Form an On-Demand Team from your handheld and share the issue or opportunity with them
  • Collaborate to Resolve the Issue or capture the opportunity leveraging multimedia for efficient Communication
  • Assignable Roles such as Contributor, Visitor and Lead allow customizing each invitee’s interaction level
  • Control Distribution of each scoop by allowing or disallowing each user to invite others
  • Like and Unlike allow each scoop invitee to express their ranking for ideas, media and other content building consensus
  • Online Mode allows you to send and receive updates dynamically as they occur
  • Offline Mode or airplane mode means you can keep working even when no network connection is available on your handheld

Available Plans

>> Pioneer Plan: allows you to quickly get set up in minutes and try full featured team collaboration and problem solving on your handheld and the web Free!
>> Professional Plan: provides you with significantly more room for scoops, advanced security and more at a very affordable price

NOTE: People you share scoops with don’t have to sign up for a paid plan

Want to Explore More?

Visit Scoop website and watch video presentation

Sign up for a FREE account and explore for yourself

Download the mobile app from Blackberry App World

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Scoop Responds to Blackberry Super App Challenge!

This year Research In Motion created a new challenge for application developers: build apps that take full advantage of unique Blackberry platform capabilities to deliver an unprecedented level of user experience.  RIM defined an ideal Super App as one possessing a series of key attributes.  The Scoop team rose to the challenge this summer by augmenting and adding features to the Scoop product that render it a true Super App:

  • The Always On Experience:  run the app on device power-up or in the backgroundScoop runs in the background listening for alerts and messages that are then displayed to the user in a prominent fashion.  Push technology integrations means Scoop users are notified the moment new or changed content or comments are available.
  • Highly Contextualized: Make your app context-aware and provide location-specific featuresScoop brings all communication into context of specific issues or topics of discussion via integration with various rich media.  When a user comments on a given topic the context of the given topic is provided through clearly displayed multimedia.
  • Tight Integration with Native Apps: Integrate seamlessly with the native BlackBerry smartphone appsDescribing topics and subtle details can be tough using text alone.  Scoop integrates seamlessly with native Blackberry multimedia apps allowing users to capture and embed pictures, voice and video describing each issue or pursuit more accurately and with much less typing. To further enrich this content Scoop automatically detects web links and phone numbers in context and launches relevant native apps.
  • Social & Connected:  Incorporate social networking into your appToday, solving issues and capitalizing on new opportunities takes a team of mobile and distributed individuals.  Scoop provides a highly connected and social workspace to collaborate on each issue or pursuit.  Users can take advantage of integration with native Blackberry Contacts app to invite just the right people to each scoop from their handheld or the  web.  This allows formation of an organic team around each issue.  The team takes advantage of text, voice, video and pictures to collaborate.
  • Proactive and notification-driven: Provide near real-time proactive alerting and notificationsAlerting users to the latest updates and prompting them to provide critical input results in significant productivity gains in knowledge based teams as barriers to progress are quickly eliminated.  This is a key consideration in the design of Scoop.  Scoop launches automatically and listens for alerts and notifications in the background as new material or updates become available.  It uses Blackberry push technology to proactively dispatch alerts and accompanying data to individual handsets.  The user is alerted via a series of prominent new item flags and badges.  In addition to these, the user receives notifications via email and via integration with the Blackberry Messages app.
  • Efficient: Design with efficiency and scalability in mindGiven the increased reliance by individuals and therefore magnitude of usage hours of handheld devices it is paramount for applications to be efficient with battery usage.  Scoop’s use of Push technology ensures the application utilizes a minimal amount of battery power while remaining always-on and listening for updates.