About Our Company

We created Trusterra in 2009 to bring to market pioneering technology solutions and products based on the expanding web and mobile platforms.  The structure and philosophy behind Trusterra allows us to research and test many ideas in parallel and turn the best of these into unique products and services.  Our continued involvement in consulting and e-Business solution development has a grounding effect and allows us to stay involved in a diverse range of markets.

Currently we are focused on developing new modes of communication that take advantage of mobility and rich media; technologies that are already changing the way people communicate at a radical level.  Support and communication systems for the elderly and caregiver families are also another area of special interest to us. But these are just a few examples of initiatives at Trusterra LabsTM.

In addition to technology research and development, we emphasize methodical market research, branding strategy and intellectual property protection as ways of creating and safe guarding value for our widely defined base of investors.

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