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At Trusterra, we emphasize innovation, authentic productization and intellectual property protection.  Our focus and expertise lie at the intersection of three exciting markets currently undergoing hyper-growth: Cloud Computing, Mobile Applications and Intelligent Systems.  We actively seek out and align R&D strategy with demographic, societal and economic trends poised to effect Sea Changes in various markets.  Together, the above factors produce significant value and upside potential for present and future Trusterra investors.

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Important Note: Trusterra is primarily focused on developing products and solutions based on its own internally-generated ideas. Trusterra does not invite the submission of business plans, ideas, concepts, inventions or any other material (“Material”). Please do not disclose to Trusterra, its employees, representatives or agents any Material that you believe is confidential or proprietary, or for which you expect to receive consideration or compensation in any form. By submitting Material to Trusterra, you acknowledge that such Material is neither confidential nor proprietary, and you waive the right to receive compensation of any kind for the Material.