Minister Clement Receives Scoop Demonstration

Dec 9, 2010, Ottawa, Ontario – Honorable Industry Minister Tony Clement Receives a Personal Demonstration of the ScoopTM technology at Trusterra’s Booth at the Precarn ICT Innovation Event

Building on the recent update about Canada’s Digital Economy Strategy, the Honorable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry participated in Precarn’s 2010 T-GAP Event in Ottawa, Ontario on Thursday, December 9, 2010 and experienced ICT innovations emerging today that will help shape our economy tomorrow.   Trusterra’s Scoop technology was recognized as one of Canada’s top ICT innovations and selected as a demonstration to honorable industry minister Tony Clement.

During a visit to the company’s booth, the Minister engaged Babak Sardary (Trusterra CEO)  who provided a hands-on demonstration of the Scoop product on various platforms including Blackberry, iPhone and web.  Mr. Sardary described various applications and usage scenarios of Scoop in streamlining and speeding communication and  emphasized the important role played by communication in boosting productivity in all sectors and industries.

“We are honored to have been selected as one of only a handful of Canadian innovations and heartened by the level of personal attention shown by Minister Clement in supporting Canadian SMEs and innovations.  Precarn has played a key role in helping us and others bring these innovations to market and we hope this is recognized and further ampliefied by the government.  We look forward to propagating our technology into both the public and private sector and witnessing the continuation of the significant productivity gains we have seen with our users to date” added Babak Sardary

Later in the event Mr. Sardary was asked to be part of a select panel of entrepreneurs who provided the conference attendees with a background on specific motivations and challenges leading to the development of their specific innovations.