Today efficiency is more important than ever.

We as many others today struggle to achieve work-life balance; we love efficiency and automation; we thrive on uprooting the weeds that sap productivity: busy work, confusion and chaos. We cannot afford to waste time on non-value adding work!

As businesses and nations we compete on the global stage.  We cannot afford to spend our creative resources inefficiently.

Our manifesto to create efficiency for our customers and strategic partners rests on the following seven pillars:

  1. Clear Communication: Make it easy and efficient for people to communicate across geography and time barriers.
  2. Information Organization: Automatically funnel related information and communication into well defined buckets.
  3. Access Anywhere: The knowledge workforce is an increasingly mobile and distributed one (and why not!) so information needs to go where you go.
  4. Travel Reduction: Make it possible to see what’s remote without having to travel.
  5. Ready Focus: People need to know what’s important and what to focus on without a lot of effort.
  6. Getting Unstuck: With the right tools we can get critical input and information to people so they can make decisions and move ahead.
  7. Fewer Meetings: With the benefit of the above we spend less time in coordination meetings and more on getting things done.