Innovation is a Core Commitment

At Trusterra, one of our core commitments is Innovation.   Innovation is what sets our solutions apart and allows us to challenge the status quo. The word Innovation has roots in the Latin innovātus meaning to renew. To innovate, we  must choose to do things differently and make choices outside the accepted norm.

People don’t innovate on command or because a certain budget was allocated, they innovate when the right attitudes, policies and systems are present in the fabric of their environment.”
~ B. Sardary, CEO, Trusterra Technologies

Our Trusterra Innovation Principles:

1. Be open and receptive to new ideas – honestly!
We maintain an atmosphere where new ideas can be expressed in full without being criticized or shot down.  It doesn’t matter who they come from,  so long as they offer a fresh perspective.  Every idea can be challenged and enhanced.  The idea always steals the spotlight, not the person.

2. Write ‘em all down
Just like a factory needs a constant flow of raw materials, we realize we need a flow of new ideas.  Every idea, regardless of how outlandish, gets funneled into a central box where these are organically sifted, sorted and morphed together to create winning concepts for development.

3. Warning: experiments may fail
We accept that not all ideas will pan out and that occasional failure is the cost of finding winners.

4. Fun does have something to do with it
Pushing ourselves and the boundaries of accepted practices can be fun.  We look forward to experimenting with new tools and techniques and doing what others consider crazy or impractical.  The fun factor keeps us coming back for more.

5. And yes, it’ ll have to work
As we experiment, take risks and try new things, we are keenly aware that the ultimate goal is to build products or solutions that enhance our customers’ experience both at work and at home.  Each innovative project is subject to clear performance metrics and a gate review for each phase.