ScoopTM: Instant, mobile, visual collaboration…
The modern workforce is increasingly mobile and distributed.  Same time in-person meetings, even phone calls are hard to coordinate.  Existing team and enterprise collaboration tools present complex workflows that don’t map well to mobile scenarios.  As a result mobile workers continue to use email, phone and documents creating chaos  Enter Scoop: it lets you record, alert, and work with others to decide or resolve issues from anywhere, simply.  The best part: all data remains organized and backed up for future reference.

Motivation Behind Scoop
Our extensive market research revealed a number of powerful trends.  These trends motivated the development of Scoop and shaped its  feature set:

  • The global workforce is increasingly a mobile one.  It is predicted that by 2013  35% of this workforce will consist of mobile knowledge professionals
  • An increasing number of organizations are adopting, even encouraging telecommuting to attract employees striving for work-life balance.
  • Senior experts, many choosing an active retirement lifestyle are typically located remotely from operational centers but desire to remain accessible and contribute.
  • Generation Y, now entering the workforce, is accustomed to and demands access to modern social communication tools as a prerequisite for productivity.
  • Public and private organizations increasingly work to reduce the need to travel for financial and environmental reasons
  • Governments strive to foster a digital economy to boost productivity and global competitiveness for their nations.
  • Our personal and professional lives are increasingly intertwined and our IT systems need to reflect this.
  • Mobile handheld devices now have the necessary horsepower and user interface richness to provide an appealing user experience

Highlights of Scoop
Responding to these powerful trends Trusterra developed the Scoop product, an innovative software platform that leverages the latest in mobile, web and rich media technologies to enable efficient communication, telepresence and issue-focused collaboration.   The platform allows distributed or remote users to rapidly create issue-specific online workspaces from web and smart phone devices.

Innovative multimedia features allow users to utilize voice, pictures and video to clearly describe and document the topic at hand directly from the field.  Users are capable of forming dynamic teams around each workspace and access the multimedia communication facilities to expand and discuss the topic at hand more efficiently than ever possible before.

Scoop enables a collaboration experience featuring the clarity and immediacy of an in-person or on-site meeting but without the need to coordinate same-time meetings or site visits and without the financial, environmental and personal burdens of field travel.


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