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Trusterra is passionate about meeting and exceeding your web & mobile IT and communication needs.   In addition to having a team of passionate engineers, usability specialists and developers at the top of their game, we bring over 40 years of combined field experience in building and deploying  mission critical systems in a diverse range of industries from  manufacturing to health care to legal and government services delivery.  The depth of our experience means that our solutions are not only technically sound but that they are backed with solid research, consulting, project management and risk management skills.

With our emphasis on research and education, when you invest in your next development initiative with Trusterra you not only achieve flawless execution of your project but also the confidence that your system is developed based on an optimal set of tools, platforms and design patterns matching your specific needs, budget and operating environment.  It is highly comforting to our clients when they know their project will be done right the first time and without the ‘technical debt’ that is too frequently a byproduct of hasty or uninformed technology choices.

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