Providing Organizational and Market Facing Solutions

Whereas in the past being an ‘e-Business’ meant having a corporate website, today there are myriad exciting channels and forms of online participation and connection available to organizations.  These channels increasingly go beyond one-way communication and make it possible for organizations to engage in a true dialog with employees, customers and partners.

Depending on the nature of a given organization and its audience or market, a different mix and integration of these channels is optimal.   As part of our consulting practice we first work closely with your organization to thoroughly understand and analyze your specific requirements, objectives and market parameters.  We then use this analysis to develop a comprehensive strategy and plan for realizing your e-Business strategy.  Once specific development activities are clearly identified and approved by you, our seasoned development team manages and executes the  implementation to seamlessly integrate and deliver the various components of your system.   Depending on your specific needs we can fulfill your development needs in the following areas:

Organizational Solutions

The focus of organizational e-Business solutions is to facilitate your internal workflows, processes and communication.  These systems ease the flow of information, reduce delays, increase productivity and expedite response time in your organization.

  • Employee Intranets and Portals: information doesn’t do your organization any good if it sits idle on your staff hard drives.  Intranet systems help bring this information to the surface so it can be easily searched, cross-referenced, updated and most importantly discussed in an efficient manner. 
  • Workflow Automation and Productivity Solutions: optimizing execution of key processes and removing redundancy, bottlenecks and inefficiencies for your organization can be accomplished by designing custom workflow engines.  These engines provide the structure and discipline needed to ensure proper steps are followed, the right data collected and necessary individuals informed Every Time a business process is executed.
  • Business Data Visualization and Reporting: organizations invest substantially into collecting and storing customer and market data.  However too often this data stays dormant, unused and ultimately becomes outdated nullifying the initial investment.  Our data visualization and reporting solutions can help your organization realize value and extract key insights from this data by bringing it to life using vibrant visualization and reporting capabilities.

Market Facing Solutions

We develop effective and attractive e-Business solutions that present your organization to the world in the best light possible and help connect employees, customers and partners in business focused communities.

  • Marketing, Self-service, and e-Commerce Websites: put your best face forward! An attractive, professional website is no longer a luxury but a must for your organization to be taken seriously, globally.
  • Customer and Partner Extranets: let your partners and customers participate in your operations, create online conversations and help shape your strategy, your products and services.
  • Web  and Mobile Applications: these are database driven, interactive applications that help deliver your specific services in a secure and attractive manner.  Given our extensive product development experience we bring to your project unique and multi-platform expertise at the intersection of both web and mobile platforms.