Best Minds in the Industry

Whether you want to turn your corporate website into a dynamic e-Commerce platform, connect your staff, customers and partners or achieve brilliant presence on the new and exciting mobile platforms, Trusterra can bring to bear some of the best minds in the industry to analyze, plan and execute these goals.

For most organizations globalization is a double-edged sword: on the one hand they find themselves increasingly competing with firms a world over but on the other, this presents a massive hidden opportunity to fundamentally recreate their organizations.  They have now at their disposal an exciting range of new tools to increase efficiency, communication,  connectivity, marketing reach and to ultimately provide their product and services to the entire world.   As we have witnessed time and again, those organizations that embrace the challenge of the global digital economy while capitalizing on the new opportunities it brings, experience a remarkable positive transformation.  For most, the Internet, and now mobile platforms,  provide  an amazingly effective and efficient channel to achieve this transformation.

The ultimate success of digital initiatives can often be traced back to the starting point.  The complexity, nuances and the number of possible choices  involved in a given  project necessitate a high level of expertise and initial analysis, strategy and planning.  In fact it is by far more cost effective to benefit from such experience at the outset of the project than to  later attempt to rectify issues, rework problem areas and pay for the accumulated technical and structural debt resulting from poor planning and uninformed choices.

If your organization is facing challenges with website development, content management system implementation, mobile and mobile web migration, e-Commerce applications, Intranet solutions or other e-Business projects – you need more than a consultant who delivers a report and a list of recommendations.  We will act as members of your team and closely work with you throughout the entire process to define, plan and implement your unique vision, to transform your organization to a member of the global digital economy.

We believe that to best serve your needs, we first need to fully understand the environment in which you operate.  To this end we collaborate with you and other stakeholders involved in you project to fully understand the market, usage scenarios and other dynamics present in your environment.  We then utilize this knowledge to create a comprehensive strategy and execution plan taking into account your current level of e-Business readiness, organizational culture, financial and other considerations.  At the culmination of our consultancy, you can proceed to the implementation phase having the confidence that the plan not only takes into account your end goals but also ensures these goals are fully achievable and practical for your stage of development-ahead of your investment.

Once a comprehensive plan is developed it can be executed by your internal development team.  Alternatively we can assemble an implementation team to put the plan into action and to realize the vision of the project more…