Education and Teaching Are Key

At Trusterra, we place a great deal of emphasis on teaching and education.

It may sound paradoxical to some, but anyone who has done even a little bit of teaching knows that it is in fact the best way to learn. In essence, teaching is not only about communication but also empathy. To be a good teacher, we not only need to describe a topic fully, but also do this while looking at things through the student’s eyes. Teaching therefore not only motivates us to thoroughly research, analyze and describe a given topic but also to view things in surprising new ways we never had before.

Educating others means we continuously explore, experiment and learn about the latest advances in technology and we gain the multiplying value that comes from sharing and discussing our findings and insights with others.  To this end we actively engage with communities, industries and audiences through speaking and presentations at various conferences and trade events.  

We welcome the opportunity to bring our research and insights from the world of web, mobile and the global digital economy to your next event. If you wish to connect with us in this regard, drop us a line using the form provided on this page.