Comprehensive Research Methodology

What is development without research?  Well, bluntly put we think it is short-sighted!   Most any new development initiative is faced with balancing the desire to show results quickly and the other – often hard to justify- need to develop a solution that stands the test of time and unforeseen future demands.

In today’s environment where organizations are faced with a seemingly endless number of technology choices, platforms and techniques, short term thinking – one not rooted in proper research – can be especially costly.

Through our involvement in numerous technology initiatives and our strong academic background, Trusterra’s experts have developed a comprehensive research methodology based on tried and tested principles.   In fact this methodology has helped our own product development group sift through an expansive marketplace to spot key innovative and profitable opportunities.   Through our research services, we can bring this experience to bear on your planned product or service development initiatives before you invest heavily into a specific direction, platform or set of tools.

As part of our engagement we methodically research and report on the landscape of available choices to ensure all parameters are well understood and accounted for before key decisions are made.  Armed with direct insights, your organization can proceed with confidence knowing the project is on the right footing.

Some example of our research services include:

  • Web and e-Business and e-Commerce strategy
  • Mobile application and mobile web strategy and platforms
  • Work flow automation, content management and intranet strategy and platforms