Trusterra Releases New Version of Scoop

After several intense months of development and testing we are proud to announce the availability of the newest version of both Scoop web and mobile apps. With its emphasis on Mobile, Visual and Simple communication this version of Scoop offers a slew of exciting new possibilities – the likes of which we used to dream of when running our technical teams.  It allows individuals and teams to unify multiple channels of communication, boost productivity and streamline team collaboration to simply get things done.  Below are some highlights of these features. But, don’t take our word for it, sign up for Scoop (free or paid accounts available) and explore for yourself.

Highlight of Features

  • Create Scoop Tickets from Anywhere using a browser or Scoop Mobile App for Blackberry, iPhone and Android
  • Quickly Add Multimedia captured at the source and in context to describe the topic at hand
  • Form an On-Demand Team from your handheld and share the issue or opportunity with them
  • Collaborate to Resolve the Issue or capture the opportunity leveraging multimedia for efficient Communication
  • Assignable Roles such as Contributor, Visitor and Lead allow customizing each invitee’s interaction level
  • Control Distribution of each scoop by allowing or disallowing each user to invite others
  • Like and Unlike allow each scoop invitee to express their ranking for ideas, media and other content building consensus
  • Online Mode allows you to send and receive updates dynamically as they occur
  • Offline Mode or airplane mode means you can keep working even when no network connection is available on your handheld

Available Plans

>> Pioneer Plan: allows you to quickly get set up in minutes and try full featured team collaboration and problem solving on your handheld and the web Free!
>> Professional Plan: provides you with significantly more room for scoops, advanced security and more at a very affordable price

NOTE: People you share scoops with don’t have to sign up for a paid plan

Want to Explore More?

Visit Scoop website and watch video presentation

Sign up for a FREE account and explore for yourself

Download the mobile app from Blackberry App World

Download the iPhone app from App store

Download the Android app from Android Market